ORANGE – IX Edition of 3D Project Room

ORANGE3D PROJECT ROOM is the first experiment on real time in 3d conceived by Primo Piano LivinGallery and curated by Dores Sacquegna. It is a project of multidisciplinary and cross teaching on contemporary art, suitable for all age groups and is aimed at fans of the sector of contemporary art or teachers, students and practitioners, to stimulate the use of the work of art in the exhibition space, to understand the importance of the display, the quality of the spaces, learning materials, the works on display, all of which are peculiar to the activity of an art gallery.

The scenario of contemporary art today is increasingly spreading to borders and advanced technologies that require new spaces, different from the usual four walls of a gallery or museum. All this leads to redefine the concept of physicality of the exhibition space, creating links with the media to establish an ever closer dialogue between art, science and technology. In this context, the use of the work of art in its capabilities and dialogic interaction with the environment and with the observer changes, creating a new aesthetic of communication and observation.
The same observer as a function of its movement within a multimedia project becomes active part and in certain cases also constitutive existence of the work itself. The pattern of use is oriented multisensory involvement and the visitor is stimulated by the theme, the works, the exhibition space and perspective, from technological support, the tools in terms of teaching as catalogs, guides and more. The project room created to pay homage to the color and the protagonists of the art – retracing – including references, symbols and alchemy – the history of the twentieth century to the present, through the use of the works of the artists in the exhibition.
With this method of 3D platform, PPLG makes possible a better use (even internationally) of the works on display, while the followers fully enjoys all the features of the software from the comfort of home. The works on display on the walls are accompanied by captions and price and everybody can buy them in real time. To access the virtual gallery you must install on your computer open source Unity plugin, on the site of PPLG.

Visit current exhibition ORANGE here

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