Video Mapping

An example of public art made with the visual technology of 3D video mapping by Artist Elisa Laraia.

“The research of Elisa Laraia uses, with a unique variation in the European art scene, the language of video beautifully connecting highest aesthetic attention to participation to social problems. The work ” Private Conversation ” works on community involvement to create a choral narration of contemporary society. The people are the first protagonists of an artistic collective action designed to produce audiovisual documentary material relating to the situation of the ethno anthropological context in which the work is performed . Through urban laboratories, involving the community from time to time, and supported by the use of the technique of urban screen, the artistic action works
on the concept of transfer of experience from private life to audience. At the end of the urban laboratories , after a phase of video editing, the video interviews are projected on historic architecture . The silhouettes describe the possible lives within the architecture, while the voices of the community spread in the urban space, becoming usable by the wider community in order to foster relationships within the communities themselves , highlighting the history , and the needs in the perspective of a shared vision of reality. The urban screen with a strong emotional impact has
the purpose and the ability to transfer experiences from one place to another by highlighting similarities and differences in traditions and promoting the exchange of knowledge.

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