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Visual Mapping is a digital technique of 3D architectural projection applied to large and smaller areas and surfaces, such as monuments and buildings, but also products and objects. It is a form of light communication that, through the use of powerful projectors and special software, allows to obtain truly spectacular results. This technique, which gives the viewer the feeling that surfaces come to life through creative and unique contents.

We follow all the production from the initial concept to the development of 3D content and rendering, your creative idea to the study of the most eye-catching effects, we love contaminate the pure projection of 2D and 3D mapping with the inclusion of artistic performances and add special effects to increase the final result and to distinguish it from standard interventions.
We can implement interventions limited in small spaces (eg. To cover up, products, stands), or major interventions of the square of monumental buildings and palaces, but also completely change of stage sets and backdrops.

The distinguishing features of the 3D video mapping
• The technological and expressive research
• The 3D stereoscopy (shooting, graphic animations, virtual renderings): a new way of narrating urban spaces
• The style, rhythm, balance, lightness, color
• The graphics, the screenplay, animations, renderings
• Eye Dream holographic projections, lasers, etc.
• Audible and visual Imaginary conducted by international artists and filmmakers

Video mapping is the result of a major technological research, expressive, artistic, in line with the search for new forms of relationship and communication to Primo Piano Special Projects.

Request a quote for the creation of a video 3d architectural mapping and fill out the form with the requested data, attach an image of the surface to be mapped, we will reply you in 24 hours!

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