Submission Inventory

How does it work?

Entry deadline: December 31st, 2019

Notice of Acceptance: February 28st, 2020

Curator & Juror | Dores Sacquegna

Commiteee: Primo Piano LivinGallery’s board, scholars, curators, architects, recognized artists


To whorm it is addressed

Artists, architects, scholars, filmakers, performers of all nationalities, ages, backgrounds are welcome.  All entrants must be 18 years of age or older.


All media and new media are accepted. All works and projects must be of high quality and they have never been published in catalogs. Painting, photography, public art,installations, large-scale installation projects never realized are also welcome.

Technical notes

1) All images must be in high resolution (300 dpi CMYK as Jpegs and Tiff. Images must be 8MB or less.). File Name. Name image file as follows: ImageTitle_by_FirstName_LastName (ie.  MyPhoto_by_Rian_Bross.jpg). The exact color guarantees an excellent result.
2) A work list on word file with  captions: Title, technique, measure, year, price;
3) Photographic works and mixed media multiples  must have a limited and numbered circulation. We accept works that do not exceed the circulation of n. 25 copies.
4) The profile photo is always requested in high resolution
5) Brief description of the works / concept

Video Art Submissions are accepted (10 minutes max – MP4 format ) as link at you tube or through email to

Advantage and Facilities

Publication offers the reader the opportunity to learn about unpublished works created by the artist or large-scale projects that can be commissioned for. Furthermore, it offers performers the oportunity to be known and to find new clients.

Where it will be advertised:

  • National and International Social Networks and Websites
  • Press releases to journalists, magazines, curators, galleries, museums, collectors, art school;
  • Free printed copies owner galleries, foundations and museums in Italy

Book Promotion campaign

Visual works of art / draft-projects / drawings  can be purchased during the book promotion campaign, and this will be an added value for all collectors who like to have the purchased work published. PPLG does not take any commission on the sale of the works or on the contacts that the artists will have with their clients.

Selection by commitee

No fee is required for the selection of works / projects, during the acceptance phase. There are no limits for sending proposals. Among those received, the selection committee will evaluate those that it considers most interesting and similar to the project. Only the most exclusive, innovative and qualitatively creative projects will be considered. Participants will be notified of their selection twelve days after the deadline.

Only accepted projects can benefit from the publication proposal including the following services:

  • Curatorial texts for full and half page is included. Texts by curator
  • The works are full and half page and contain captions.
  • Italian and English Language text are arranged in two columns.
  • Artists profile photos with website links and contacts.
  • PDF Version to download and share.
  • N. 5 Free printed copies for each artist.

What is not included:

Shipping books abroad Italy (based to the artist’s address, the weight and the size of the parcel, we will ask for the shipping quote to our courier or by post).

Publishing options and costs

Catalog Format A4 Vertical with paperback cover and elegant graphic design, colophon, summary, general text and individual Curatorial issue for artists involved.  Multiple pictures may be longer and include additional pages. For full pages and half pages we accept a maximum of 6 works for each artist.

  • FULL PAGE for N. 1 work € 300 Eur ( + additional pages € 150 Eur each)
  • HALF PAGE for N. 1 work € 200 Eur (+ additional pages € 100 Eur each)

Prizes & Awards

Among the works / projects received, the curator together with the editorial committee will award best projects with following prizes:

  • FULL PAGE with short bio artist, pictures, video documentary, links about best art project on PPSP website in the page NETWORK forever. Project will get a huge visibility to be commissioned/purchased by collectors or important corporates. Plus INTERVIEW  to be published with works on DISCOVER ART JOURNAL forever and posted on many social networks and links for records.
  • HALF PAGE with short bio artist, caption work, pictures, about best project on PPSP website in the page NETWORK ( see example) for years 2020-2021. Plus short INTERVIEW  to be published with works on DISCOVER ART JOURNAL forever.

Copy Right & Usage Rights

Artist retains all copyrights to their own images. Artists whose photographs are accepted for INVENTORY grant  organization the nonexclusive right to use and reproduce submitted photographs for the purpose of promoting the exhibition, promoting the artist,  promoting related programs and subsequent display on website, social media and online exhibition archives. The artist’s name and photo title will be included wherever the photographs are displayed.

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