Art Woman 2020



From 7th to 21th March 2020

Promoted by Primo Piano Special Projects



VENUE The headquarters of Palmieri’s Foundation is a deconsecrated and Renaissance church in the old city of Lecce. This place was known in the sixteenth century as the church of the “repented women” or Saint  Sebastian.It is however certain that around 1634 this venue was fully active and had a substantial number of novices who dedicated their time to making paper fans. Testimony of their presence is emerging from the frescoes located at the right pillar supporting the triumphal arch.  After various uses and a careful restoration by the noble Palmieri’s family, this venue is one of the most iconic and atmospheric location of cultural heritage in Lecce, well known to visitors because of the numerous events it hosts.

THE SHOW – Art Woman 2020 is a contemporary art exhibition dedicated to the female artist.  The event is multidisciplinary and combines contemporary art with site specific performances that will take place during the exhibition days. Among the works on display there will be the works by MARIA LAI, MARISA MERZ, SHIRIN NESHAT just to name a few. A unique exhibiting opportunity not to be missed and to exhibit together with established global artists.

THE THEME – In a period of great changes and geo-political conflicts, the GEO-GRAPHIES event focuses attention on the question of identity and international mobility. An extremely urgent question, if only to reiterate once again the concept of non-violence, of human rights, also in relation to social and ethnic minorities. A question that surely cannot be resolved on the WORLD DAY OF WOMEN, but which can – through creativity – bring new points of view and new perspectives for the observer.  GEO (earth) and GRAPHIA (writing) are therefore, the key concepts of a project that wants to focus on identities, cultural roots, mobility problems, migration dynamics, contemporary mythography, through personal concepts that look at the various dynamics of life, work, prayer, rituals, the sense of forgetfulness and rebirth etc. Exhibition offers input on which to activate its artistic and expressive sense.


For all artists in the show the following prizes and fellowship will be awarded:


No. 5 Artists among the participants in the exhibition, will receive a 100% refund of the participation production cost. Selection works takes place a month before the exhibition and will be curated by a scientific committee. The most creative and thematic works will be awarded with an Award Certificate. Furthermore, winning works will be published on this website with a special mention.


Among the unpublished works presented in this show, a maximum of 3 Artists will be chosen, including those who receive the fellowship and not only. INVENTORY is a special edition of art catalog dedicated to projects and works never exhibited, therefore unpublished. The publication is accompanied by a personalized critical text.  The catalog will be sent to the artist and will be advertised on all the art networks (newspapers, museums, foundations,  galleries, private   collectors in Italy and abroad).


Among the participating artists, a maximum of 2 Artists will receive an interview with curator about the works on display. It will be published along with the images of the works over DISCOVER ART JOURNAL

For all THREE PRIZES the scientific committee is composed of the curator of the exhibition, collectors, journalists and museum directors of the Puglia Region. As a matter of fairness and transparency, the names of the jurors will remain secret until the end of the selection of the works. In any case, all the participating artists will receive the Participation Certificate, signed by the scientific committee. Award Certificate is for those who are awarded the fellowships, only.

ART WOMAN is a unique exhibiting opportunity not to be missed! The closing date for submissions is 31 December 2019


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