Baroque Blue: Ionian Art Experience

Baroque Blue: Ionian Art Experience Residency

If the painter uses canvas and colors for his works, the land artists uses the environment. Nature is the starting and the arrival point ”.

From 23th June to 7th July 2020

Santa Caterina-Nardò (Lecce, Italy)

Curated by Dores Sacquegna

HOW DOES IT WORKS: The call is open to artists, architects, designers, performers, musicians, writers, who will be able to apply individually or in multidisciplinary groups. The call is reserved for all those who work in the field of environmental art or Land art through visual arts, performative actions, photography, video, applied arts, eco-psychology, writing, site-specific interventions, musical installations, relational art etc. With BAROQUE BLUE, Primo Piano Special Project wants to encourage a reflection on the relationship between man and nature using the language of art.

THE PLACE:  Santa Caterina, is an Ionian seaside place and part of the village of Nardò in the province of Lecce (Salento, Puglia’s Region). It was born as a defensive outpost against Saracen attacks. There are, in fact, two 16th century watchtowers, placed in an elevated position above the sea, built by the Spaniards, to counter the Ottoman raids.

ARTISTIC RESIDENCE: The residence offers a stay of research, study and relax in an area rich in history and culture in which the landscape and architectural wonders encourage and stimulate new creative productions. The villa hosting the participants – not far from each other – both are located in the naturalistic context of Santa Caterina, a few hundred meters from the sea and city center.

DATES: The residency art program has a total duration of 14 nights (From June 23 to July 7, 2020), with the possibility of participating even for just one week (from June 23 to 30 ). Participants will have the opportunity to live in the same living spaces, cook together and live the experience of TOTAL ART. All the services are available in the villa for a pleasant and stimulating stay.

CURATOR: BAROQUE BLUE, hosts the curator Dores Sacquegna, whose her role is to help the artists in their sensory experience of the environment. Each one will have individual feedback and all together will participate in round tables. During this period, conferences, live performances and interactive workshops will be held to discuss contemporary issues relating to the visual art sector and the creative industry (cultural appropriation etc.).

ART PROGRAM: BAROQUE BLUE is mainly based on supporting and stimulating creative processes through a full immersion program in nature and art, a seductive isolation from contemporary frenzy. The artists will be able to conceive and create their works freely (with free theme) and site specific in the natural environment as Land Art projects or other with events open to the local community.

EXCURSIONS: A series of eco-sustainable excursions will alternate between paths in the countryside, dry stone walls, paths between straw and olive trees, visits to marine museums, karst caves, ancient villas, historic urban centers, ancient oil mills and hypogea, Byzantine crypts and much more . Puglia is a magical land to be experienced.Cities of art, food and wine, beaches, cliffs, culture, history, protected marine areas and natural reserves. A sensory journey into the magic of Salento-Puglia and its wild and breathtaking landscape.

PUBLICATION & REPORT: During the residency, all photographic, audio and video material will be collected and a multisensory catalog will be created and published on the Primo Piano Special Project website as an interactive map and documentation also for other participants. The residence and its participants will be advertised and channeled through press releases to newspapers and magazines. Complimentary press kit.All participants will receive the Certificate of Participation.

You’re welcome! APPLY NOW!

The closing date for submissions is 10 APRIL 2020

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