Baroque Blue 2024 Art Residency

Baroque Blue 2024 Art Residency

BAROQUE BLUE Ionian SeArt Residency 2024


When the earth speaks, the shamans listen; when the planet cries, the shamans respond  (Tom Cowan)

Contemporary Arts in the Nature curated by Dores Sacquegna

From 20 to 31 July 2024 – Santa Caterina di Nardò (Lecce, Italy)


The 3rd edition of Baroque Blue Ionian Se-Art Residency entitled NATURE AND SHAMANIC COMOLOGY in Santa Caterina di Nardò is a multidisciplinary journey between anthropology, archaeology and contemporary art, discovering one’s archetype or unique Self in close dialogue with elements of Apulian shamanism. SALENTO is a land of myths, castles and emperors, Dionysian rituals, cults to the Great Mother Earth, dances linked to the myth of TARANTA and shamanic cosmologies whose origins date back to the Neolithic period. The starting point of the project is the pictograph of the dancing shaman depicted in the Grotta Dei Cervi (Deer grotto) in Porto Badisco called the Sistine Chapel of Europe because of its numerous graffiti and the size of the cave. These graffiti represent artistic and spiritual evidence of Neolithic Salento, and the stylized figure of the shaman has over time become the current symbol of Salento.

But what really is shamanism? Who are shamans and what do they do? Can we consider these figures the oldest mediators between humanity and nature?  Shamanism is surely the oldest form of spiritual practice and healing that, through nature, connects humans with all living things in harmony and balance with the laws of nature. Common to almost all traditional shamanic cultures are the vision of non-ordinary reality in the three worlds: the Lower World, the Middle World and the Upper World, connected by a central Axis Mundi, represented by the mythological COSMIC TREE, mediator between the depths of the earth and the heights of the heavens. The roots represent the lower world, the trunk is the middle world, and the branches is the upper world.

Art practice, combined with archaeology and anthropology has been a source of inspiration for many past and contemporary artists, including Joseph Beuys, shaman-artist par excellence, and his manifesto “Defense of Nature” makes us understand how we are all interconnected through an energy network that contains the information and memories of the entire universe. By contextualizing shamanism in the contemporary art project, you artist will be a shaman and will be able to make your own journey through ALL OF THEM ( or one of the three worlds described below), in search of your archetype. Through your “vision,” you will feel in tune with the animals and spiritual forces that animate nature and the cosmos, and from them you will obtain your powers. I will be at your side discreetly (spirit guide) until you can achieve your goal. You will be able to choose to achieve works that contemplate one or all three worlds at your discretion.

The Lower World is represented by Mother Earth; it is the place where you will meet your “Power Animal” and join with it until you become one.  On this journey, it will be your intuition that will guide you to your destination.

The Middle World is the realm of environmental and material space populated by the Spirits of Nature, the spirits of plants and trees, flowers, places etc, dispensers of knowledge and remedies and with whom you will gain information and knowledge of natural reality and its powers of healing and divination.  this journey, the spirits of nature will guide you to your destination.

The Upper World is the realm of highest consciousness, it is the place of inspiration and great beauty. It is the cosmic space. Here dwell the gods, ancestors and spiritual masters. On this journey, you will find your archetype in the rock and feel strong and ready for a new journey.

I ask You to live this experience with the spirit of a shaman, to evoking the power animal in you, to follow your instincts and intuition, to activate all the senses of listening, to feel part of nature (leaf among the leaves, tree, plant, etc.). Feel, know, imagine and become the COSMIC TREE mediator between the depths of the earth and the heights of the heavens! May your roots become the lower world, may your trunk be the middle world and may your branches be the upper world. This project is your chance to open yourself to the power of personal healing, to learn to walk the path of the heart and celebrate Nature as a great source of inspiration.

Lots of love, your Guide-Curator, Dores


*CHIEF CURATOR AND ART DIRECTOR: Dores Sacquegna (Lecce-Italy)

*VISITING RESEARCHER: Sandra Oliveira works at the Institute of Geography and Territorial Planning in Lisbon, Portugal


Justine GIORDANO (USA); Dena HADEN (USA);  Allie LITHERLAND (UK); Jimena MURABITO (Argentina);  Kyle Anthony ROTELLI (USA);  Michal SHELLY (Israel); Jeff SMITH (USA); Terrel WEIR ( Australia).


Alberto Nick Bolettieri, Paola Crisostomo, Gianni Chiriatti, Pizzica Mistica group dance….the whole list coming soon!


Videos about 2023 residency experience attached below





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