Visual Mapping & Public Art

Visual Mapping is a digital technique of 3D architectural projection applied to large and smaller areas and surfaces, such as monuments and buildings, but also products and objects. It is a form of light communication that, through the use of powerful projectors and special software, allows to obtain truly spectacular results. This technique, which gives the viewer the feeling that surfaces come to life through creative and unique contents.

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ORANGE – IX Edition of 3D Project Room

ORANGE3D PROJECT ROOM is the first experiment on real time in 3d conceived by Primo Piano LivinGallery and curated by Dores Sacquegna. It is a project of multidisciplinary and cross teaching on contemporary art, suitable for all age groups and is aimed at fans of the sector of contemporary art or teachers, students and practitioners, to stimulate the use of the work of art in the exhibition space, to understand the importance of the display, the quality of the spaces, learning materials, the works on display, all of which are peculiar to the activity of an art gallery.

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