Art Woman 2020

ART WOMAN – GEO-GRAPHIES: Identity Rituals and fragile Ecosystems

Curated  by Dores Sacquegna

Palmieri’s Foundation in Lecce, Italy

On display films about Louise Bourgeois

Artists on display: Sama Alshaibi (Iraq), Laetitia Ambroselli (France), Catherine Bercusson (Uk), Bikkel Artist (The Netherlands), LeoNilde Carabba (Italy), Pey-Chwen Lin (Taiwan), İrem Çoban (Turkey), Aristi Hadjisavva (Cyprus), Beatrice Hansson (Sweden), Kohlene Hendrickson (Switzerland), Maria Luisa Imperiali (Italy), Agnieszka Laskus (Poland), Kacie Lees (Usa), Daria Makarenko (Russia), Brigitt Müller Hunziker (Switzerland), Valérie Novello (France),  Christine Palamidessi (Usa), Zhiwei Pan (China), Sandra Miranda Pattin (Columbia), Tanja Ravlic (Croatia), Margot Reding-Schroeder (Gr.Ducky of Luxembourg),  Tomomi Sato (Japan),  Sihui Shao(China), Sal Sidner (Usa), Christel Sobke (Germany), Sall Lam Toro (Portugal).

Due to the coronavirus emergency (COVID-19) in Italy, the Art Woman 2020 exhibition (opened to the audience on March 7th at 17:30 pm) is suspended until new ordinance by Italian Governament. Further information to be announced. Waiting for the situation to return to normal, see pictures,Press kit, PDF catalog group show, PDF catalog LeoNilde Carabba,  videos and more….

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Artworks and catalogs on PDF here

Videos here

Rassegna Stampa | Press Kit