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With a wide range of background experience and skills, Primo Piano Special Projects can offer a comprehensive choice of services, including training, consultancy, partnership, project management, visual exhibition etc.  The focus for this work can shift from how to manage an exhibition of contemporary art or something else.  Primo Piano Special Projects is a cultural art management of Primo Piano LivinGallery organization.  The characteristic that differentiates our job  from other contemporary realities is the promotion to 360 ° of the artists, the attention to detail in the preparation of exhibitions and events,  the careful selection of works and artists, the widespread dissemination through the press, the network of national and international artists, press contacts, curators and organizational skills. Also, the choice of locations, the multidisciplinary and multisensorial events, that have characterized and defined predominantly the attitude of the our network. Each event is built to exacting canons and care to individual needs and proposing, then, events that attract national and international  visitors and followers. We are open to collaborations and partnerships with European Arts and Culture sectors.

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