Giulio De Mitri

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He completed humanistic and artistic studies (Academy of Fine Arts and University). He is professor of  technologies of visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Catanzaro, Italy.  Innovative and experimental artist, whose research – poetic and philosophical at the same time – establishes a consistent and rigorous path, engaged for years in the Meridian culture, combining sophisticated technology and lyricism, is today one of the main protagonists of the Light Art in Italy. In his artistic career has spanned different languages: from painting to performance, from photography to sculpture, from installation to video environment. He is present in many prestigious national and international exhibitions (Budapest, Stockholm, Osaka, Island of Samothrace, Ajdovscina, Porto Alegre, Philadelphia, Sarajevo, Berlin). Solo exhibitions and the latest reviews include: Giulio De Mitri / short circuit. An interactive journey with light-, European Researchers’ Night / Bright 2015, Public Palace, Siena, 2015; Giulio De Mitri / Transitional architectures, figurative, Loggiato Vasari, Arezzo, 2015; Giulio De Mitri / Waiting for the Dawn, The Muse of the garden Garden of Palazzo Fieravecchia, Siena, 2015; Light Art Ensemble, (edited by G. Gellini), Ex-Church of San Carpoforo, Milan; IV Edition of the Biennial of the End of the World 2014/2015, Argentina and Chile; Giulio De Mitri / The body and soul (edited by M. Bignardi), F.R.A.C. Museum, Baronissi (SA), 2014; Giulio De Mitri / Hesperides, Contemporary Art Studio “Pino Casagrande”, Rome, 2013; LIV Venice Biennale (2011) and LII (2007): a contemporary look (ed Branà R. and G. Caroppo) and Italian Pavilion; J. Beuys. Defense of nature (by L. De Domitius Durini, 2011); XV Rome Quadrennial, 2008; 20 artists for the 150th anniversary of Italy, Royal Palace, Turin, 2011; Intramoenia Extra Art (edited by A. Bonito Oliva and G. Caroppo), di Puglia Castles, 2007; Light as a body (edited by B. Cora), Peccolo Gallery, Livorno, 2010; XV (2012), XIV (2010) Biennial of Contemporary Sacred Art, Museum Stauros, San Gabriel (TE); Videoart Yearbook 2007 and 2006 (edited by R. Barilli), Bologna; Environmental Art Festival Lakonia: arthumanature topos 2007, Sparta, Sellasia and Geraki (Greece), 2007.

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