Margherita L. Rosenberg

Margherita Levo RosenbergShort bio

Margherita Levo Rosenberg, was born in Ponti in 1958, she lives and works between Genoa and Tel Aviv, Israel.  From 1992 she exposes in public and private spaces, in Italy and to the foreign countries. She builds pictures, objects and sculptures that investigate the complexity of the languages analyzing the relationship among thought, verb, action, emotion and medium through which you/they become representable.

She has been researching the expressive potentials of different materials from those normally used in visual art: she mostly works with recycled stuff, like coloured plastics, acetates, X-ray films, metal meshes or natural materials, which in her hands acquire a new form of life. In her installations, she expresses herself with irony and plays with ambiguity.

A great number of publications and art journals both in Italy and abroad have written about Margherita Levo Rosenberg, and her works have been published in the catalogues that have accompanied her numerous national and international exhibitions, in museums and public spaces, private galleries in Italy: in cities like Rome, Florence, Lecce, Genoa; and abroad: in Cologne (Germany), Lubjana (Slovenia), Samothrace (Greece), Tel Aviv and Holon (Israel), Saarijärvi (Finland), just to mention some of them. Her works are held in important collections and museums worldwide.

Her works have drawn the attention and interest of major art critics and historians, collectors and semioticians, who are closely following the evolution of the works of this extraordinary artist, who can create coexistences that invite spectators to become interlocutors.

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