Fragments project



A national preview of the whole video’s project (n.7 videos)  titled SILSILA by Iraqi artist SAMA ALSHAIBI

Silsila — Arabic for ‘chain’ or ‘link’— is a multi-media project depicting Alshaibi’s sever-year cyclic journey through the significant deserts and endangered water sources of the Middle East and North African region. By linking the performances in the deserts and waters of the historical Islamic world with the nomadic traditions of the region, and the travel journals of the great 14th century Eastern explorer, Ibn Battuta, Alshaibi seeks to unearth a story of continuity within the context of a threatened future.

Sama Alshaibi has had over ten international solo exhibitions and her artworks are widely exhibited in prominent international biennials, film festivals, museums/institutions, galleries and fairs, including the 55th Venice Biennial on 2013, Honolulu Biennial 2017 (Hawaii), 2014 FotoFest International Biennial (Houston), MoMA (NYC), Edge of Arabia (London), Arab World Institute (Paris), Headlands Center for the Arts (San Francisco), The Bronx Museum (NYC), Paris Photo (Paris) and Museum of Contemporary Art (Denver). Alshaibi is exclusively represented by Ayyam Gallery.

WASL by Sama Alshaibi, courtesy AYYAM Gallery, Dubai, UAE


Thanks to collaboration with CACT (Centres for Art, Culture and Tourism – Department of the Atlantic Museum)  of  Lanzarote’s Isle in Spain,  we are honored to exhibit as preview of the screening of the film “Under Water Sculpture“, a documentary of the Lanzarote Underwater Museum that houses the undercover sculptures of the British artist JASON deCAIRES TAYLOR, known worldwide.




Jason deCaires Taylor

The submerged museum has been conceived as a place to promote environmental education and preserve and protect the marine and natural environment as an integral part of the human values system. This museum project is creating a huge artificial barrier made up of a series of neutral concrete PH sculptures that over time will help to grow marine biomass and facilitate species reproduction on the island. More info on the magazine The Guardian.




MASSIMILIANO MANIERI (The keyboard), Italy

Massimiliano Manieri was born in 1968 in Copertino (Lecce). Artist, performer, he has worked at national and international level. Artists such as MASSIMILIANO MANIERI put their body and relationship with territories, boundaries and boundaries at the center of their search. In his actions, the artist witnesses a reflection on his nomadic figure, who plays and discovers his multiethnic identity through performative actions, linguistic misinterpretations and paradoxical encounters with different people and spaces. For this event, he proposes two projects: “The Keyboard” with Roberto Pinna as model and “NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS” with the collaboration of MICHAELA STIFANI and the soundtracks of the musician MAX NOCCO.

“THE KEYBOARD” installation was born as a need for a mutant and technocratic representation of human solitude. The model body, embedded in the Pangea, represents both Golgotha and the trace of detachment from the physical memory of events. This work reflects on the subject of the physical boundaries and virtual boundaries of the network, body-cage, conquest and loss of identity. 


A continuation of this concept can be found in the performance “NOTHING IS AS IT SEEMS “. The perception of one’s body or world in which we live is mediated by the image that others have of it. It is in this mutual view that the relationship between the individual and the outside world is built. From this point of view the world is a projection of our consciousness. What happens inside the circle represents the flow of life, the awakening of a naked inner conscience, the aesthetics of judgment that each of us brings with it. It is thus evident how false the common sense that makes us perceive things as immutable and static entities, while they are always in progress, are inaccessible, evidence of the conflictual relationship between the individual and the subject of culture, between history and its time.

JEANNETTE JOY HARRIS (Sometimes … nuns of Iona), Texas, US           

Jeanette Joy Harris is a Houston-based artist, writer, curator and speaker interested in the intersection of performance and political dialogue.  With performance and installation “SOMETIMES … THE NUNS OF IONA” by JEANNETTE JOY HARRIS, the artist’s research focuses on women with a clear reference: the life of women-nuns of the 14th-12th century who for patriarchal orders , they left their home and their affections to go to the convent. Performance tells the story of an imaginary woman who heads in mid-winter boat at the monastery of Iona Island in Scotland. The fabric on which his memories are written draws water, and the wind unfolds its sails like a ship. Observers become an integral part of the work, writing each one’s own memories on the wall and thus creating a collective practice in search of the self.