Elisa Laraia

0Elisa Laraia is born in Potenza in 1973, where she lives and works. Her research is entirely focused on the themes of identity. Since 2005 she carry on the work “Private Conversation”, video projections on urban architecture that reveal the inner feelings. In 2001 she obtained a degree in Stage Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna, she deepened her studies at the University of Paris 8 in Paris and Wimbledon School of Art in London.

In 2000 she made the first of her many public art projects in the exhibition Beyond the Garden by Roberto Daolio that still follows her research. Critics as Bruno Di Marino, Eleonora Frattarolo, Dede Auregli, Antonella Marino, Dores Sacquegna, Marta Massaioli, Rosalba Branà, Rosalba Paiano, Mili Romano wrote of her and treated her more personal experiences and group exhibitions since 2000 in galleries and museums, such as GAM of Bologna. She took part in the 54th Venice Biennale, in the Biennial of Young Artists from Mediterranean, Sarajevo, and in the XIV Quadrennial of Rome. In January 2004 creates in Bologna Orfeo Hotel Contemporary Art Project, a work of art in progress on the concept of Identity Exchange. Since 2006 to 2009 in Bologna, where she has curated for four editions the event Art for Art’s Shake. Since 2009 Elisa has directed LAP Laboratorio permanente di Arte Pubblica and Public Art Award that transformed the Italy into the largest permanent laboratory of Public Art in Europe.

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