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Karl Nussbaum is a filmmaker / video installation artist, whose work has been internationally exhibited in galleries, museums, universities and film festivals, including the Sundance and Rotterdam International Film festivals, the London International Film Festival, the Black Maria, Oberhausen; at Lincoln Center, the Smithsonian/ Hirshorn Museum, Harvard Film Archives, Director’s Guild of America, P.S. 122, La Mama, Laconia Gallery, Primopiano Gallery, Richmond Museum of Fine Art, Portland Art Museum, Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair and the American Cinematique.

He was a featured artist at the ‘Global Freud Symposium: Music and Psychoanalysis’ at Clark University and at the 12th Annual Holocaust series Symposium at St. Mary’s College. He has been awarded multiple fellowships at the Virginia Center for Creative Arts (VCCA), the MacDowell Colony, several grants and residencies in Hamburg, Germany, a fellowship at the St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity in Malta, a residency at Chateau Ebert, France, and the Fundacion Valparaiso, Spain. Nussbaum is also a founding member of the NYC film collective, Film Crash, and has worked for MTV, MTV2, VH-1, Fox TV, and the Sundance channel. He is currently a film professor at Montclair University, NJ and recently earned an MFA in New Media from the Transart Institute/ Berlin.

Video documentary
Transart Institute: MFA Thesis presentation
Video performances
Night Blooming Flower (2013, 11 min.) –  single channel video installation, Internationales Kurz Film Festival Hamburg 2014
Hilbert Space (2011, 10 min.) – is a single channel video performance about grief, memory and our ongoing relationship with the dead.    Music: Morton Feldman. VCCA Berlin Performance – June, 2011:  
The installation utilizes a 12’ x 12’ silk screen suspended overhead onto which video is projected. The screen is manipulated by the performer using cables, making the images float and distort above the audience. Exploring grief as a liminal space, Hilbert Space draws imagery from traditional Jewish mourning practices, mathematical formulas, images of weather, disintegration and empty household spaces. As the silk rises, the screen becomes the body lifted up into a space of infinite dimensions.
Sleep (2012, 9 min, ) – Digital Film – is a mediation on my father’s recent death and the father / son relationship.  The universals of death are expressed through a sequence of primarily abstract images and textures combined with documentary footage.
Days on End – (Globe) Hamburg, Germany.
‘Days on End’ is a multi- channel video installation to be presented in an large, empty factory space. The installation involves a rippling 20 x 20 ft. silk projection screen and a slowly rotating 20 ft. weather balloon with 4 round films projected onto its surface from different angles. This is a rough cut of the film projected onto the weather balloon. Several round films are projected on to the weather balloon from different angles. 
Godparents + Copacalcia Film Festival Intro

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