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Client: Sphinx Thebes Festival|Greece
Event: Sphinx Thebes Festival,  2015
Curator: Dores & Rose Sacquegna
Place: Conference Center of Thebes, Greece
Management: Constantine Angelou and Polyxene Kasda
Auspicies:Hellenic Republic, Greek Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs, Athens School of Fine Arts, National Museum and Municipality of Thebes
We did: Exhibition visual arts ( with permanent collection), film review
Title exhibition: Greek Waves
Cinema Directors: Theo Angeloupolos, Stathis Athanasiou, Anastasia Christoforidou, Ifigenia Dimitriou, Dimitris Kollatos, Nikos Kornilios, Panayotis Kravvaris, Maria Lafi, Thanasis Neofotistos, Eirini Steirou & Eliza Alexandropoulou, Thanasis Tsimpinis, George Tsirogiannis