Video Story Tellers

Some selected Video Story Teller

Client: Sphinx Thebes Festival|Greece
Event: Sphinx Thebes Festival,  2015
Curator: Dores & Rose Sacquegna
Place: Conference Center of Thebes, Greece
Management: Constantine Angelou and Polyxene Kasda
Auspicies:Hellenic Republic, Greek Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs, Athens School of Fine Arts, National Museum and Municipality of Thebes
We did: Exhibition visual arts ( with permanent collection), film review
Title exhibition: Landgraphie
Video Artists: Grimanesa Amoros|Usa, Ulrike Arnold|Germany, Richard Ashrowan|Scotland, Gilles Bruni|France, Christo & Jeanne-Claude|Usa,  Andrea Juan|Argentina,  Pam Longobardi|Usa


Client: Palazzo Rubichi, Lecce, Italy
Event: V Edition Video Art & Digital Cultures, 2011
Curator: Dores & Rose Sacquegna
Place: Primo Piano LivinGallery, Lecce
Management: PPLG
We did: film review & Interview
Title exhibition: Language is a virus
Video Artists: Barbara Agreste|Italy, Agricola De Cologne|Germany, Daniel Arguello & Tatiana Estrada|Spain,  Silvia De Gennaro|Italy, Teatro Deluxe|Italy, Gruppo Sinestetico|Italy,  Jang-Soon Im|Usa, Lisa Lucciardi|France, Patrck Polidano|France,Gianluca Russo|Italy,  Carlo Michele Schirinzi|Italy, Futaba Suzuki|Japan,  Eva Von Platen|Germany, Pamela Zechlinski|Brazil and many more.


Client: Municipality of Cupramontana|Italy
Event: Film Festival, 2007
Curator: Dores Sacquegna
Place: Cupramontana, Ancona, Italy
Management: PPLG
We did: film review & Interview
Title exhibition: Cuprarte Festival
Video Artists: Grimanesa Amoros|Usa, Steven R. Barich|Oackland California,  Elisa Laraia|Italy, Philomene Longprè|Illinois,  Silvia De Gennaro|Italy, Marcelo Fica|Chile, Gianluca Russo|Italy, Francesco Arena|Ialy, Karini|Italy, Ivo Muraglia & Luca Scornaienchi|Italy, Huong Ngo|Usa,  Corpicrudi|Italy, M.Beck & j. Calvo|Usa, G.Bezanov & S. Miranda|Colombia, Liuba|Italy, Scott Snibbe|Usa, Sergio Zenteno|Mexico and many more.