Art Residency

Primo Piano Special Projects offers to artists, architects, scholars, musicians and performers the possibility of and Artistic Residency and Curatorial Fellowship in Italy and abroad.
The artistic residence, an ideal and often idyllic place, becomes a fundamental stage for artists, who want to look for a new inspiration for their art, to live a unique experience that allows them to get in touch with nature, or in an urban space and especially working with other artists. A locus amoenus, an opportunity for cultural exchange and a profound involvement that leads to a concrete enrichment not only from an artistic point of view but also from a personal point of view. The residence is a dimension in itself, an important opportunity for dialogue, discussion and artistic growth.

The program has a maximum duration of two weeks and is organized during the year in the spring, summer or winter months in Italy or abroad. For the 2020 edition we organizing BAROQUE BLUE: Ionion Art Experience in Puglia (Italy). You’re welcome!

See pictures last editions in Antikyra (Greece)

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