AAF | AFFORDABLE ART FAIR HAMBURG is a contemporary art fair to discover new emerging talents and to consolidate medium-career artists. The fair, in fact, wants to be a moment of meeting, exchange, research and sharing  of the latest trends in contemporary art, in a dynamic and welcoming atmosphere, with works that express the culture of distant countries. The formula of the Fair remains unchanged: artworks to be purchased up to a maximum of € 7,500 EUR vat included,  in an event now become a MUST for collectors, enthusiasts and art experts. We are pleased to welcome living artists.


– Presence of our staff on site during the days and hours of the Fair
– Information service and sales for third parties in English language
– Exhibition stand of various sizes and 2.75 m high white walls
– Set-up forniture (Lighting, hanging system,ect)
– Supplies(tables, chairs, pedestals)
– Labels works with captions and price
– Stand signage (two board)
– Name of gallery and link website to on affordableartfair/hamburg
– Web Page with list artists on primopianogallery/aafhamburg
– Exhibition Listing in printed Fair Guide
– 24-hour on site security
– Wrapping station (for work sold to clients only)
– Set up and dismantling
– Warehouse-deposit for packages arriving / returning
– Packaging / unpacking material (tape, label etc)
– Press Office pre and post-event with press kit review
– Direct / indirect marketing adversting
– Photographic report
– Paper catalog and PDF catalog
– Critical reviews catalogs and translations in Italian and English
– Help and Support inbound and return shipments

Are you interested to join with us at AFFORDABLE ART FAIR in Hamburg (Germany)?

The fair is scheduled on November 2019 from 13th to 17th (5 days no-stop). For this interesting opportunity abroad – not open to individual artists – we intend booking a large stand that hosts a group of selected and innovative artists with works of painting, sculpture, installation, mixed media, photographs, to exhibit with Italian Artists. Our team will be on site for the duration of the event, offering its services for info and purchases. Furthermore, to be sure that all the selected works have the opportunity to be sold, we offer the inclusion in our online stores, to be booked / purchased even after the fair. If interested, see write us back at primopianoexhibition01@gmail.com

Application deadline by April 30, 2019