When poetry takes shape

This exhibition is included in the Italian Calendar of the  European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 – Europe for Culture – Our heritage: where the past meets the future

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When poetry takes shape

The project is divided into n. 5 sessions (Mail Art, Artist’s Book, Installations, 3D Project Room, Video-poetry), and plays on the dualism of matter and elevation, of lightness and fragility, of identity and reality, of body and poetry. Some examples:

MAIL ART, also known by the term POSTAL ART, is a populist artistic movement that uses the postal service as a means of distribution, by sending generally small works, thus creating a feed-back between the sender and the recipient. The materials most commonly used for mail art include postcards, paper, collages made up of commonly used objects and recycled images, leather stamps and paintings, but they can also   include poetry. Origins: Futurism, Dadaism, Fluxus Movement.


The ARTIST BOOK is unique, extravagant, funny, mysterious, and contains within itself the whole alphabet of the senses: signs, color, words and matter. The artist’s books accompany and record the continuous transformations of the artists’ thinking and poetry. These books / object reveal their physical dimension that exceeds the surface of the normal supports, often replacing the written text with different materials (papers, cardboard, iron, wood, plaster, wax, etc.) and learning to communicate with multiple languages: visuals , sculptural, graphic,    tactile and material.

The experience of the “verb-visual” (or “visual poetry” or “visual writing”), born in the context of the neo-avant-gardes of the sixties and seventies, constitutes the session dedicated to contemporary INSTALLATIONS of this long journey of the word that crosses the most disparate communicative universes. Here we call them “object poems” where writing becomes the object and synaesthetic body of reality.



The VIDEO-POETRY also known by video poem, filmic poem, cin(e)poetry, video-visual poetry, depending on the techniques used, the intervention more or less extensive processing, and also in relation to the length of the filmic work, it is a very wide category in which very different types of artworks have flowed together. Sometimes video-poetry, it approaches the performance of sound poetry or “reading” containing poetic text elaborated on a visual and acoustic level.



The session dedicated to the 3D PROJECT ROOM incorporates all the multimedia techniques whose images are in digital format (jpg). They do not have a physical body (support), even if they are made with different mediums / programs / software. Within the virtual gallery (or virtual catalog), all those forms are projected that refer to the concept of poetry / writing / image.Regarding the 3D Project Room is a virtual platform (virtual gallery with multi-media catalog) where the works of the five sessions (which are not included in the physical spaces) will be exhibited, thus giving the possibility to artists who are far away and who cannot tackle the transportation costs of participating and competing for the prizes and giving them opportunities to have an exhibition in their CV.